What is Highland Dance?

Highland dance is where dancers of all ages have the opportunity to make friends, travel far & wide to competitions, listen to great music, experience the thrill of competition and performance and build strength and endurance.

Highland dancing is a solo dance similar to ballet and irish dance. In terms of its technical requirements and the training required for its performance, Highland dancing has much in common with ballet. It takes stamina and arm and leg strength, no matter how old the dancer is. Highland Dance is recognised as a sport by the Sport Council of Canada & Scotland.

As the Highland dances are created to be performed individually, any dancer unable to or not interested in attending a performance, competition or exam may do so without affecting the group. In this way each dancer and their family is able to become as involved as they wish.

At Beaumont School of Highland Dance we offer our dancers a quality Highland dance experience and opportunities in all facets of this sport including fitness, competition, performance, examinations and a genuine love of dance.

Fitness is promoted through the dances themselves. Picture a 3 minute flat out run –  Now throw on a kilt and a jacket, add in some bagpipes and keep a smile on your face the whole time for good measure!

Performances are a great way for dancers to show their friends and family what they have learned and build confidence in front of an audience. Performance events are optional for all dancers.

Competitions take place on weekends throughout the year. Although there is always more than one dancer on stage at a time each dancer is judged individually on their solo performance. Taking part in any competition is optional, but being competitive is highly encouraged.

Examinations (Medal Tests) in Beaumont take place in the fall of each year with the Scottish Dance Teachers’ Alliance. All dancers are prepared for these examinations in class. Taking part in examinations is optional but highly encouraged.

The love of the sport is built through a fun and exciting class structure, supportive teachers and fellow students as well as the social atmosphere that comes from meeting dancers and teachers from all corners of the globe and being a part of something with a rich, beautiful history.



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  • Dancing is the poetry of the foot. – John Dryden
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