Practice Sheets

Practicing is the most important tool your child will use to succeed in their dancing. Below you can access some practice plans for your dancer to use. They are leveled for our beginner to Intermediate dancers. Advanced dancers may also use them to guide their practice. If you have any questions please ask your teacher.

Practice Checklist 1st year

Practice Checklist 2nd year

Practice Checklist 3rd year

Practice Checklist 4th year

Beginner Fling Practice

Beginner Sword Practice

Sometimes when a new dance is being learned it is hard to remember the steps at home that you just learned in class. Below are reference sheets for the first few dances taught to help dancers and parents practice at home. These are the ‘words’ for the dances.

Highland Fling

The Sword Dance

Seann Truibhas



For those of you studying theory, this is an interesting website to practice your theory knowledge. BSHD teachers have not verified that all the information presented on this site is accurate, if you come across something you are unsure of or have a question about, please ask one of us.


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