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Medal Tests & Examinations

The Beaumont School of Highland Dance provides students with the opportunity to take Highland, National and Theory exams each year through the Scottish Dance Teachers Alliance (SDTA).

Each year students in the school participate in exams following the syllabus of the SDTA. An examiner accredited by the SDTA travels across Canada on a yearly examination tour. Medal tests are a great opportunity for students to learn new Highland and National dance steps and technique as they progress through the SDTA syllabus. By learning the new steps required for medal tests, students expand their repertoire at a rate appropriate to their level of dancing. Upon successful completion of Medal Tests each dancer receives a written evaluation from the examiner, a certificate and either a medal, pin or plaque depending on the level of exam.

Once students become more experienced dancers they can choose to work toward their Associate Certificate with the SDTA. This certification is the first step toward having full membership and teacher qualifications from the SDTA. I encourage all students to work toward completing all their exams, which I feel prepares them to be more versatile and educated dancers.

Students are notified well in advance of what exams they are eligible to enter each year and what is required for each exam. After the dancers are given their personal exam information they are expected to practice their exam material for several weeks at home.

Fees for exams are due before the exam date. All exam fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. If fees are not paid by the deadline the dancer will not be permitted to participate in exams.

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